telling stories from my life (that were so NOT funny at the time)
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This week Bianca dives in by telling what she calls her “homecoming horror story”, getting yelled at by a stranger & falling at her graduation…in front of MANY. LET’S BE FRIENDS: my instagram: podcast instagram: my facebook: podcast facebook: my twitter: twitter: podcast twitter: my tiktok: podcast tiktok: --- Send in a voice message:
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back in august of 2022, i took my driver’s test. feeling so overconfident that i would pass, I didn't, and i was crushed. Instead of glorifying God in the waiting, I was angrily pushing him away, asking why He would allow me to fail. this week, we are diving into the topic of dealing with life...
Published 01/30/23
I’ve heard the typical phrase: “he’s giving me mixed signals!” from countless women in my life. it’s even more frustrating when this is preventing actual progress from being made. i encourage you to refuse the lies and believe the truth as we dive into what to do when he’s giving you mixed...
Published 01/23/23