balancing faith, family & career while keeping God at the center
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ever wondered how in the world were supposed to keep Jesus at the center when life just can’t give you a break? look no further, as this week’s podcast episode is FOR YOU. Bianca explores strategies to effectively balance faith, family, and career while keeping God at the center. 👀🔥 grab the guide: breaking free, instagram: facebook: []( twitter: tiktok: pinterest: []( amazon: --- Send in a voice message:
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when they said they’re Christian so you thought they were Christian…yeah, we’ve all been there! in this spicy episode, we’re discussing 7 signs that he’s NOT a man of God — whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, let those who have eyes to see, see 👀 🌶️ join the Christian girl group...
Published 12/04/23
Published 11/28/23
I think we’ve all been there: in a depressing position of wanting someone & not being wanted in return, or not having the chance to communicate your feelings because the block button is *so darn* convenient for them. We’re bringing God’s truth to the table as we explore God’s message to His...
Published 11/28/23