Interpol and the war on cyber crime
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The war on cyber-crime requires a global connection of organisations to help fight it and Interpol are one of those organisations working to prevent further attacks. Ex-Hacker and co-founder of CTRL Group Bastien Treptel is joined by Doug Witschi, who leads the cyber crime threat response capabilities and cyber crime operations of Interpol. Learn Dougs journey from Australian police officer into Interpol, what he considers new vulnerabilities and concerns and discusses the agendas of cyber criminals.  See for privacy information.
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Another day, another breach. Organisations are still being hacked by malicious counterparts everyday, and the reason they're always a step ahead is not only gender diversity but a skills diversity as well - meanwhile we're still relying on our IT departments to handle cyber breaches that they...
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Published 10/21/20
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Published 09/29/20