007. mental health chats
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hi guys! welcome back to dada! this week we answer some of your questions on mental health, body image and open up about our own personal experiences. part ii. definitely coming soon as you had so many good topics! in the meantime sit back, relax and open up a bottle of our fav vino! enjoy xxx
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Hey guys!! welcome back to dada :)  this week we have a catch up and discuss what a weird month March has been. we chat about glossier, rpdr uk, and continue with our sustainable spotlight segment!  so sit back, relax and open up a bottle of dada no. 1 ( a classic )  enjoy!!! :) Our sustainable...
Published 03/30/21
Published 03/30/21
hey guys! welcome back to dada  this week we couldn't really talk about anything other than the events from this week and just how exhausted we are.  first we send our condolences to the family and friends of Sarah Everard we'd also like to give a trigger warning as we we will be mentioning...
Published 03/16/21