Daily News Brief for Tuesday, January 25th, 2022
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Catastrophic moral crimes …and more on today’s CrossPolitic Daily News Brief. This is Toby Sumpter. Today is Tuesday, January 25, 2022.  If you want to see more of this sort of thing, please consider joining the Fight Laugh Feast Club. For less than a few coffees a month, you can help us build a rowdy Christian media response to liberal legacy media, big tech, and build a Christian megaphone for the truth. Go to flfnetwork.com and click on “join the club.” OK one more thing: would please Like and share this show? Do it now so we can reach more people with the truth.  Biden and His Team Have Been Trying to Mop Up Biden’s Comments from Last Week Regarding the Possibility of a “Minor Incursion” from Russia: Play: 0:36-0:46 Then over the weekend, the US State Department issued a warning to US citizens to leave the country.  Ukrainian President Sees No Imminent Russian Threat https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/christopherm51/russia-ukraine-angry-american-departures Ukrainians expressed confusion and anger Monday over Washington’s decision to authorize the voluntary departure of government employees from Kyiv and order the mandatory withdrawal of family members of US embassy personnel. The decision announced by the Department of State cited ​the “threat of Russian military action.” The Ukrainians, however, have been more cautious in their assessment of the situation, with current and former national security and defense officials saying they don’t recognize Russia’s latest military buildup as anything out of the ordinary. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “does not think there’s any remotely imminent threat to Kyiv” at the moment, a source close to the president told BuzzFeed News on Monday, reacting to the partial US withdrawal. “The fact that the US was the first one to announce this” — this being the voluntary departures and mandatory withdrawals — “is extremely disappointing and quite frankly these Americans are safer in Kyiv than they are in Los Angeles ... or any other crime-ridden city in the US,” said the source. The source close to Zelensky said the president’s office viewed the US move as “utterly ridiculous” and symbolic of what it views as “US inconsistency.” “On the one hand, [Washington tells Ukraine] how we should democratize. We stand with you. It's your right to determine to join the West. We will stand with you against Russian aggression,” the source said, mimicking messages of support from the US to Ukraine in the past. “Then Russia turns up the temperature and they’re the first to leave.” The State Department and US Embassy didn't immediately return a request for comment. Zelensky has tried to keep Ukrainians calm and to avoid panic as warnings from Western governments reverberate in Kyiv. In a televised address to the nation last week, the president told his people, “What’s new? Isn't this the reality for 8 years? Didn’t the invasion start in 2014? Did the threat of a large-scale war appear only now? These risks existed…they haven't become bigger. The excitement around them has grown.” Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said it has noted the US decision but felt it was too soon. “While we respect right of foreign nations to ensure safety & security of their diplomatic missions, we believe such a step to be a premature one & an instance of excessive caution,” tweeted Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Oleh Nikolenko. “There is a lot of misinformation, manipulation, and fakes in the Ukrainian and international media to spread panic among Ukrainians and foreigners, scare business, undermine the economic and financial stability of our country. … It is important to soberly assess risks and remain calm,” he told the Interfax-Ukraine news agency. Another Ukrainian government official told BuzzFeed News that the US move risked causing confusion in Ukraine and could le
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