Church Hurt, Mental Health and God with Chris Morris
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Hi. Chris and I speak openly about our experiences within the church regarding our mental health struggles, suicidality and visits to the psych ward. Be prepared for an open, honest and personal discussion on how the church has affected our walk with God. You can find Chris He has authored the book - Perfectly Abnormal: Uncovering the Image of God in Chronic Illness. He also edited and contributed to the Anthology : Whispers in the Pews - Voices on Mental Illness in the Church. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Hey. So I kind of go on a rant about homelessness and societies agenda on how they treat people without houses. I think there's also a lot of trains that made for interesting timing on trying to complete this. [email protected] Check out STAY ALIVE...
Published 11/28/22
Hey there. This is a completely rambling mish mish show. I'm not even sure I tie it together neatly at the end. However there is a lot of laughing and even a message I think 🤔. Happy Thanksgiving.. I love each of you. STAY ALIVE YOU MATTER! --- Send in a voice message:...
Published 11/23/22
Published 11/23/22