“Let’s be clear about that”
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Alicia Menendez and Jason Johnson, in for Nicolle Wallace, discuss former chief of staff Mark Meadows complying with the January 6th committee’s subpoena. Plus, the CDC recommends all adults get a covid booster shot, a Democratic lawmaker’s office is broken into and vandalized, the Supreme Court is set to hear a consequential case on abortion rights, Trump’s push to dismiss his dealings with Russia, the Kremlin continues its campaign of fueling extremist groups, and how Trump is grifting off the American people. Joined by: Jackie Alemany, Yamiche Alcindor, Basil Smikle, Dr. Uche Blackstock, Rep. Pete Aguilar, Maura Barrett, Donna Edwards, Cecile Richards, Rep. Barbara Lee, Amb. Michael McFaul, Rick Stengel, and David Cay Johnston
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Nicolle Wallace discusses new audio of Rep. McCarthy where he says Trump admitted some responsibility for the Capitol attack. Plus, the Oath Keepers leader makes an appearance in court, Biden takes action to revive his stalled agenda, the ongoing fight for voting rights, how other nations are...
Published 01/15/22
Nicolle Wallace discusses the arrest of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes. Plus, the Supreme Court blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate, the White House pushes for voting rights legislation, Trump’s grip on the GOP remains strong, McCarthy refuses to cooperate with the Jan. 6th panel, Trump loyalists...
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Published 01/14/22