"Is our hair adequately on fire?"
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Nicolle Wallace discusses the Supreme Court taking up a case that would challenge Roe v. Wade. Plus, associate to Rep. Matt Gaetz pleads guilty to trafficking a minor, how the investigation into Jan. 6th could involve Kevin McCarthy, navigating our new normal when it comes to Covid-19, a Republican election official in Arizona calls Trump 'unhinged', the latest on the conflict in the Middle East, and new reporting on Trump's relationship with the Pentagon during his final weeks in office. Joined by: Errin Haines, Katie Barlow, Claire McCaskill, Harry Litman, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Dr. Vin Gupta, Jason Johnson, Tim Miller, Peter Strzok, Richard Engel, Carol Lee, and Jonathan Swan
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Nicolle Wallace discusses new reporting in the New York Times detailing how the Tump-era Justice Department seized the phone and email records of Democrats in Congress. Plus, Attorney General Merrick Garland announces the steps his Justice Department will take to protect voting rights, the...
Published 06/11/21
Nicolle Wallace discusses Republicans from other states going to Arizona to check out its controversial audit of 2020 ballots. Plus, the U.S. is set to donate 500M covid vaccines to countries in need, the FBI Director testifies before Congress following the Senate’s report on 1/6, Rep. Val...
Published 06/10/21
Nicolle Wallace discusses Biden looking to reassert the U.S.’s role as he begins his first overseas trip. Plus, Attorney General Garland faces questions over Trump-era decisions, Biden secures his first two judicial confirmations, the fight to investigate what happened on January 6th, the GOP’s...
Published 06/09/21