“We need to start seeing this for what it is”
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Nicolle Wallace discusses the White House formally declining Trump’s request to assert executive privilege from the 1/6 select committee. Plus, a congressional investigation uncovers Trump hid millions in losses from his DC hotel, Sen. McConnell gets slammed by the GOP for ending the debt ceiling fight, Florida Republicans press Gov. DeSantis to back a Texas-style abortion ban, an Arizona state senator calls for election audits in every U.S. state, and a look at how the values of truth and objectivity have eroded. Joined by: Jeremy Bash, Tim Miller, Betsy Woodruff Swan, David Fahrenthold, Fatima Goss Graves, Katie Hobbs, Jocelyn Benson, Chuck Rosenberg, Rep. Madeleine Dean, Eugene Robinson, Reverend Al Sharpton, Clint Watts
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Alicia Menendez and Jason Johnson, in for Nicolle Wallace, discuss former chief of staff Mark Meadows complying with the January 6th committee’s subpoena. Plus, the CDC recommends all adults get a covid booster shot, a Democratic lawmaker’s office is broken into and vandalized, the Supreme Court...
Published 12/01/21
Nicolle Wallace discusses a new covid variant fueling concerns globally. Plus, Republicans downplay the new variant, the 1/6 select committee could be ready to move on another contempt charge, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy allowing for extremists in his party to take over, Trump allies work to place...
Published 11/30/21
Published 11/30/21