“The urgency is yesterday”
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Nicolle Wallace discusses the January 6th select committee voting to hold Steve Bannon in contempt. Plus, a Democrat running for governor focusing on voting rights, the DOJ asks the Supreme Court to block Texas's abortion law, a panel examining the Supreme Court says its open to term limits, the culture wars in Texas reach new lows, former deputy FBI director Andy McCabe wins back his pension after being fired by Trump years ago, the Transportation Secretary fights off attacks on right-wing media over taking parental leave, and Democrat heavy-hitters are set to campaign for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. Joined by: Rep. Eric Swalwell, Betsy Woodruff Swan, Robert Costa, Josh Shapiro, Reverend Al Sharpton, Maya Wiley, Brian Fallon, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Charlie Sykes, Ari Berman, Nick Confessore, Carol Leonnig, Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Mara Gay
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Nicolle Wallace discusses the search for the parents of the alleged Michigan school shooter after they were charged with involuntary manslaughter. Plus, another Trump ally says he will take the 5th when appearing before the 1/6 select committee, Republicans double down on obstruction in Congress,...
Published 12/04/21
Published 12/04/21
Nicolle Wallace discusses the path forward for the January 6th select committee after their vote to hold Jeffrey Clark in contempt. Plus, President Biden unveils his winter covid strategy, Trump meddles in a 2022 primary fight, how the sale of the Trump DC hotel could turn out financially for the...
Published 12/03/21