Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2002 HHH Shows The "Katie Vick" Funeral Home Video Tape, Shawn Michaels Stands Up From Wheelchair After HHH Attack At SummerSlam, Jeff Hardy Debuts On AEW Dynamite, Chris Jericho Betrays Inner Circle & Creates New Faction
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One of the most infamous WWE storylines of all time, Katie Vick. After beating Kane, HHH decided that wasn't enough. HHH revealed that Kane not only killed a girl named Katie Vick, but he had footage of Kane visiting a funeral home and having sex with her lifeless corpse. A big week on AEW post AEW Revolution as Jeff Hardy makes his AEW debut along with Chris Jericho betraying the Inner Circle and making a new group known as the Jericho Appreciation Society, comprised of 2point0, Jake Hager, himself, & Daniel Garcia. Deadlock Discord: Deadlock Shop: Deadlock Patreon: Deadlock Twitter: Deadlock Instagram: Deadlock Reddit: Deadlock Pro Wrestling:
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The very same night that WCW was having Bret Hart vs Hulk Hogan, we got an all timer Stone Cold Steve Austin segment on WWF Monday Night RAW IS WAR! WWF Breakdown just happened and the main event saw Stone Cold vs Kane vs The Undertaker for the WWF Championship. The Undertaker and Kane were...
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WCW Nitro is heating up in 1998 as Hollywood Hulk Hogan gets ready to battle The Ultimate Warrior at Halloween Havoc 1998. Nitro opens with Hogan challenging both Sting and Bret Hart. Bret Hart answers the challenge first and the main event is signed. Bret is still in pain from War Games and has...
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