Revisiting WWE RAW 2002, The Undertaker Drags Hulk Hogan Behind A Motorcycle, Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair for the WWE Undisputed Championship, Booker T Joins Ric Flair’s nWo, Insane Jeff Hardy vs Darby Allin Anything Goes Match on the Main Event of AEW Dy
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Just 6 days away from WWE Judgment Day 2002. Hulk Hogan defends the WWE Undisputed Championship against ½ of the owner of the WWE Ric Flair. As Hogan is leaving the building he is attacked by The Undertaker and dragged behind his motorcycle! Ric Flair also announces a new member to join the nWo and even he doesn’t know he's joining. Booker T is the chosen one. On AEW Jeff Hardy and Darby Allin have an epic Anything Goes Match in the Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinals! Jungle Boy battled Ricky Starks for the AEW FTW Championship, Danhausen makes his in ring AEW debut as HookHausen is formed, & The in ring contract signing between MJF and Wardlow for their match at AEW Double or Nothing! Deadlock Discord: Deadlock Shop: Deadlock Patreon: Deadlock Twitter: Deadlock Instagram: Deadlock Reddit: Deadlock Pro Wrestling:
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1999 is the year that the WWF really put the nail in the coffin in WCW during the Monday Night War! It’s a brand new year and WWF was making moves that the fans really enjoyed, especially tonight. This is the night that Mick Foley, also known as Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind, won the WWF...
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A WWF TV show targeted at adults that aired late on Saturday Night sounded like a great idea, however, Shotgun Saturday Night was not it! Coming off of episode #1, the WWF was hyping up an unveiling of "Sunny's Sexy Home Video." The entire night is teased with rumors of who could be in the...
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