Revisiting WWF Monday Night Raw is War 1999, Linda McMahon makes Stone Cold Steve Austin CEO of the WWF, One Week After The Higher Power Was Revealed, The Corporate Ministry Books The Craziest Matches Including A Dog Pound Match, Blind Date Match, Strai
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The WWF was at the peak of its popularity and had all timer moments every week. Last week featured 3 of the biggest moments of all time including the reveal of The Higher Power as Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin becoming CEO of the World Wrestling Federation. Now that Stone Cold is the new CEO, he takes a visit to the WWF Headquarters at Titan Towers! While there he meets a lot of corporate “suits” and makes a lot of people drink some Steveweisers! As Austin is away, Mr. McMahon and The Corporate Ministry book the entire show. Vince and Shane McMahon are getting ready for a 2 on 1 handicapped match with Stone Cold at WWF King of The Ring 1999 so they need to try out some stipulations for that match. They book a Dog Pound match with Mr. Ass vs Road Dogg, a Blind Date match with Test vs The Big Boss Man, and a Straight Jacket match with Ken Shamrock vs Jeff Jarret. Plus, in the main event The Rock battles The Undertaker in a special stipulation match; if The Rock wins he will vs The Undertaker at WWF King of The Ring 1999 for the WWF Championship. Speaking of The Rock, we get to see the world premiere of his new music video “Getting Chefy With It” a Chef Boyardee Commercial! Deadlock Discord: Deadlock Shop: Deadlock Patreon: Deadlock Twitter: Deadlock Instagram: Deadlock Reddit: Deadlock Pro Wrestling:
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1999 is the year that the WWF really put the nail in the coffin in WCW during the Monday Night War! It’s a brand new year and WWF was making moves that the fans really enjoyed, especially tonight. This is the night that Mick Foley, also known as Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind, won the WWF...
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A WWF TV show targeted at adults that aired late on Saturday Night sounded like a great idea, however, Shotgun Saturday Night was not it! Coming off of episode #1, the WWF was hyping up an unveiling of "Sunny's Sexy Home Video." The entire night is teased with rumors of who could be in the...
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