Revisiting WCW Nitro 1998 The Only Bret Hart Hulk Hogan Singles Match, Chris Jericho VS Goldberg Feud, Second Member Of One Warrior Nation, Bret Hart Joins The nWo, DPW Victory Lap Behind The Scenes
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WCW Nitro is heating up in 1998 as Hollywood Hulk Hogan gets ready to battle The Ultimate Warrior at Halloween Havoc 1998. Nitro opens with Hogan challenging both Sting and Bret Hart. Bret Hart answers the challenge first and the main event is signed. Bret is still in pain from War Games and has his leg targeted by Hulk Hogan. Bret has to be taken to the back and receive medical attention mid match. However, Sting takes his place. As the match continues Bret Hart stumbles down to the ring. It looks as if he is here to help Sting, but he turns his back on WCW and joins forces with Hulk Hogan and the nWo! Chris Jericho is in his long standing rivalry with Goldberg and claiming that he is undefeated against the WCW Champion. Scheduled is Chris Jericho vs Goldberg! Goldberg comes out to the ring with the fake Goldberg from Fall Brawl on his shoulder. He spears both of the members of Jericho's Personal Security. Also, the boys talk about behind the scenes for DPW Victory Lap and even give us a couple of movie reviews from Clerks 3 and Pearl! Deadlock Discord: Deadlock Shop: Deadlock Patreon: Deadlock Twitter: Deadlock Instagram: Deadlock Reddit: Deadlock Pro Wrestling: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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