Step #1 For Growth - Break Something
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Did you know that before you can ever have a true breakthrough...  You have to break something! I'll share the secret to your next success breakthrough in this podcast and how to stop living a "just okay" life!
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Here’s a scary stat: Only 27% of people who get a degree actually use it. I mean, listen… This is an unprecedented time of uncertainty when even a degree you worked hard to earn doesn’t protect you... So, what if I told you that you could create strength and certainty even in times like...
Published 08/12/20
What are they thinking? Why do they discourage you? Maybe it’s because they worry about you… don’t want you to be disappointed… Or maybe it’s because they’re scared you’ll actually succeed at taking your life to that next level! One thing is certain, I’ve had my share of naysayers. Listen to...
Published 08/10/20
No one has ever gotten to their next level without facing major obstacles. Maybe it was fear, or poverty, or lack of love or education. BUT... Everyone has to weather some storms. EVERYONE. Don’t believe me? Click today’s podcast and I’ll tell you some of the most encouraging news about...
Published 08/07/20