This Success Enemy Strikes Us At 2 am
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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, or just had a moment during the day… When negative thoughts fill your mind, and then all you can do is pile on more bad thoughts?? This happens to everyone – we think of what’s wrong and even make up worst case scenarios that haven’t even happened… I’ll tell you how to beat that 2 am monster, the thing slowing your success, on this podcast!
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You know what Michael Jordan, Bob Marley and Albert Einstein all have in common? They all faced major disadvantages in their lives… And they each used their underdog story as fuel to become absolute legends. My wife Lisa is joining me on this podcast to tell our underdog stories and reveal how...
Published 11/18/19
I grew up thinking I was dumb… My reading level was low, I had dyslexia and I was terrified to talk in front of class. And now I’m a multiple New York Times bestselling author! The truth is, talent wasn’t the driving force behind my success and it isn’t for most successful people I know… So...
Published 11/15/19
Almost every single successful person I know has enthusiasm… I even know people who are super introverted, but when they talk about their passion they exude excitement! And I think that passion is an absolute MUST to living a happy life and finding success… So I’ll share my secret weapon to...
Published 11/13/19