3 MUSTS to live an instantly better life
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The fact is, we all want to raise the bar in our life in some ways… Don’t you? Well I’ve obsessed over 3 big things my entire life, that I believe are the secret to who I am today… And the proven path to living a better life. I’ll unleash the 3 must do tactics to instantly begin living a better life on this podcast!
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I want to share a very personal story that was difficult to understand when I was young but ended up changing my life in a positive way. When I was young I was HORRIBLE at reading and even my teachers told me so. At the time I was very insecure and thought something was wrong with me... But as...
Published 05/25/20
Most people say they are "Busy"...  and to be honest I really don't like that word... Why? Because being busy doesn't mean you accomplished anything important... But being productive means you took advantage of every second of your day and accomplished things that moved the needle in your...
Published 05/22/20
Everyone has to make tough decisions... and they are called tough decisions for a reason. BUT... what if you could make tough decisions easier for yourself? This is a hack I have used for many years and it has helped me make tough decisions in every area of my life. Also don't forget to...
Published 05/20/20