3 MUSTS to live an instantly better life
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The fact is, we all want to raise the bar in our life in some ways… Don’t you? Well I’ve obsessed over 3 big things my entire life, that I believe are the secret to who I am today… And the proven path to living a better life. I’ll unleash the 3 must do tactics to instantly begin living a better life on this podcast!
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Do you have a favorite restaurant, hotel, or grocery store? What makes it your favorite? Have you ever thought about WHY you go back time after time? To me, there’s one secret to standing above your competition, even when the product is exactly the same… And I’ll share it in this podcast :)
Published 11/11/19
Imagine a life where you never had a single thing go wrong… You never overcame anything or accomplished anything, because you never had resistance… So often we strive for that lifestyle, but would that actually make us happy?? The answer is NO, and I’ll explain why in this podcast!
Published 11/08/19
It took me decades to figure this out… But failure and mistakes … are what lead to the most pure happiness. I’m not saying you should TRY to fail by any means… But let me explain why you should embrace when you fail, in this podcast!!
Published 11/06/19