How To Use Your Past As Your Fuel
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You know what Michael Jordan, Bob Marley and Albert Einstein all have in common? They all faced major disadvantages in their lives… And they each used their underdog story as fuel to become absolute legends. My wife Lisa is joining me on this podcast to tell our underdog stories and reveal how to transform YOUR disadvantages into your superpowers!!
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I want to share why fear is actually a good thing... It's easy think fear holds us back and gives us stress and anxiety... But sometimes your biggest breakthrough lives on the other side of it. So today I am going to share why fear is actually a good thing.
Published 01/27/20
There’s a reason that so many people who win the lottery end up losing all of their money… And it’s the same reason that people can come from nothing to change the world and generate billions of dollars. So on today’s podcast I’ll reveal what that reason is, and answer the question I get so...
Published 01/24/20
I’m not saying it’s always bad to have a backup plan… especially with insurance, retirement plans, etc. But when we give ourselves more than one path, usually we choose the one that’s the least scary or risky… And you know as well as I do, that’s NOT the path to success! So today I’ll reveal...
Published 01/22/20