74. Can a dietitian start a business right out of school? and toxic dancer body image
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Amanda is a former Professional Dancer turned Registered Dietitian and Private Practice owner who specializes in helping young professionals find food freedom and body acceptance. After surviving her own battle with an eating disorder, she knew her calling was to help others the way her dietitian helped her. Listen in to hear: Amanda's history with an eating disorder as a Professional Dancer Unhealthy food habits of dancers Should you let your daughter dance? How Amanda started her business right after school Why Amanda loves TikTok Taking a 3 week European vacation while running a successful business More about Amanda: She received her undergrad from the University of Georgia and then moved to New York to complete her dietetic internship. Amanda has built a community of nearly 100K across social media platforms after focusing on video content. Check her out: IG: @amandathedietitian TikTok: @amandathedietitian   This episode is sponsored by the Online Entrepreneur Academy. Are you a dietitian or female wellness expert that's feeling undervalued in your job? Not passionate about what you're doing, or are you working one to one with clients now and want to scale your private practice to group an online coach courses and programs, then OEA is perfect for you. This is a three month high touch coaching program and we are currently enrolling for our next cohort.
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