Confronting A Killer | Ep 7
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Debi dives deep into the realm of Bevan Spencer Von Einem. She meets his school friend, Paul Clark, who shares an extraordinary collection of newspaper clippings and cards curated by von Einem himself. They present a chilling snapshot into the mind of a killer. After decades of silence, Richard Kelvin’s best friend, Karl Brooks, speaks about the night Richard was abducted and the devastation that followed. Karl calls out for others to come forward with information that could put the remaining perpetrators behind bars. Finally Debi reveals all about her prison visit with von Einem and her gut-wrenching reaction to his admission of seeing Richard’s dog-collar. Debi is the first journalist to break new ground in The Family Murders for decades, and yet still too many questions remain unanswered. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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In the gripping final episodes of FROZEN LIES, Debi engages the help of criminal profiler Kris Illingsworth to meticulously examine crime-scene evidence from the murder of Derrance Stevenson. In a tense interview, Debi outlines her evidence to David Szach and ultimately reaches the truth of who...
Published 11/05/19
This episode centres around exploring everything Debi can learn about Gino Gambardella, the man who links the case of Derrance Stevenson and The Family. Debi speaks with two victims of Gino’s sexual assault at his Chiropractic clinic, who talk publicly for the first time about their ordeal. Debi...
Published 10/22/19