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Find our Patreon here! : After some careful consideration we have determined that we weren't happy with how we were able to run our Patreon for the past several months, leaving it fairly stagnant. We have decided to discontinue our previous tiers, BUT we have decided to completely revamp our Patreon! We now have a Patron-Exclusive Discord server and we will be reading out Patron names at the start of all episodes going forward to show thanks for your support! We want to thank everyone who has already been supporting us and a massive welcome to everyone who will support us going forward. We hope you are excited about these changes! ARTIFICIAL GHOST RADIO : Enchanting Aspects :
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Yai Ayano has her first day of school! Podcast drama ensues! Mets are ADORABLE!!!!!! Twitter : Joy - @dollipdaze Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - Twitch : - - PATREON :...
Published 07/12/21
Published 07/12/21
All aboard! Mr. Dr. Hikari has a segment of his brain in all electronics and it makes them worse. Lan intentionally gets into danger again, Train Edition! Twitter : Joy - @dollipdaze Ray - @EleRay13 Jupiter - Twitch : - -...
Published 07/05/21