Episode 100: Journal Club- Exercise In Weight Maintenance
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Are you looking to add more fitness and exercise into your routine and understand the barriers and challenges you might face despite suffering from obesity? In this episode, we discuss a recent study titled Physical Activity Motives, Barriers, and Preferences in People with Obesity: A Systematic Review.   P.S. I will be taking a short break from podcasting to take care of some personal issues. I plan to return soon. The podcast will continue with a recap of older episodes.
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Published 03/28/22
Last year, I had Sean Mulroney on the show, and he shared his story about how he lost over 100 pounds and got started with his personal trainer. So I thought it might be a good idea to get one of his personal trainers on the show to get her perspective on how she helped Sean and what were the...
Published 03/21/22
Exercise is essential for our overall health. But often our body puts limitations on how much exercise we can perform and what exercises we can perform. This is especially true for people with a larger body size. Join me as I discuss this very topic with Michael Johnson. He has been a clinical...
Published 03/14/22