The DSR Daily Brief for May 31, 2023: Debt Ceiling Bill Heads to the House Floor, Fallout From the Moscow Drone Attacks
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The two hundred-ninety-ninth episode of the DSR Daily Brief Stories Cited in the Episode: G.O.P. Revolts Over Debt Limit Deal as Bill Moves Toward a House Vote Moscow drone attack exposes Russia’s vulnerabilities, fuels criticism of military ‘Time is now’ for Sweden to join NATO, Blinken says North Korea says spy satellite launch crashed into sea Exclusive: Qatar prime minister, Taliban chief hold secret Afghan talks Sudan army suspends participation in Jeddah ceasefire talks Woman wins annual cheese-rolling race while unconscious Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 09/22/23
Published 09/22/23
Norm and David are not happy, and for good reason. The latest judiciary committee hearing reminds us all how far down the rabbit hole the Republican party has gone in the pursuit of scorched-earth politics, but it is not the only example of Republican lunacy this week. Norm and David break down...
Published 09/22/23