The Case Against Trump is Getting More Serious...So the GOP is Turning on the DoJ & the FBI
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Every day it seems new revelations suggest Donald Trump is in greater legal jeopardy. And, with each new revelation, comes a chorus of accusations and threats from the GOP led by Trump himself that it is time to shut down the Department of Justice and the FBI, time to fire those who are involved in investigating him, time to purge the government of everyone disloyal to the MAGA movement. It is a perilous moment. But where will it lead? We discuss with former FBI special agent Peter Strzok in a wide-ranging, insight-rich conversation you won't want to miss. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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The chaos in the House of Representatives could mean chaos for Ukraine. With the potential for a less sympathetic Speaker, US aid is at even greater risk. Rosa Brooks, Ivo Daalder, and Mark Hertling join David to examine the potential threats to continuing aid for Ukraine and the far-reaching...
Published 10/04/23
The three-hundred seventy-fifth episode of the DSR Daily Brief. Stories Cited in this episode: McCarthy out as speaker Kevin McCarthy is out as speaker of the House. Here’s what’s next. Judge issues gag order in fraud case after Trump assails staffer on social media EU set to announce Ukraine...
Published 10/04/23
Published 10/04/23