From the Archive: Democracy vs Inflation
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Original Air Date: June 14, 2022 President Biden is headed to Saudi Arabia and will meet with Mohammed bin Salman. Is this the end for the "Democracy vs. Autocracy" framing of America's foreign policy. David Rothkopf talks with Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, David Sanger of the New York Times, and Ed Luce of the Financial Times about this and other foreign policy issues facing the Biden Administration. Should Biden be having this meeting at all? Will it do anything to tame gas prices ahead of the midterm? Is there any way to keep the moral clarity of Biden's "Democracy vs. Autocracy" framing while working in a messy world? The answer to these and other vital questions facing the Biden Administration during this far-ranging episode. Join us!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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On today’s edition of the DSR Daily, we break down Kevin McCarthy’s retirement announcement, a shooting at the University of Nevada, the indictment of six pro-Trump electors, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 12/07/23
Published 12/07/23
Everyone is looking to the future to predict how the conflict in Gaza will end. Just as important is what will happen in the short term. Aaron David Miller, Alon Pinkas, and Rosa Brooks join David Rothkopf to break down the climate in Israel and the United States to predict what could come next...
Published 12/06/23