The Biggest Xbox Leak EVER Just Happened - What's Next?
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Slow week, huh? As the gaming industry grows, so too do its leaks. Much like Hollywood, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep projects under wraps before someone spills the beans. Joining the ranks with Nvidia's GeForce Now, Xbox has suffered one of gaming's largest leaks ever. From an entire release schedule for Bethesda's upcoming games to a mid generation refresh and even their vision for 2028's next generation consoles, there are dozens of documents to sift through. Fallout 3 Remaster, Dishonored 3, Oblivion Remaster, Ghostwire Tokyo getting a sequel, a licensed IP game, and so much more is on the way! Unfortunately for Xbox, it also revealed the sort of conversations that happen behind closed doors. As recently as 2020, Xbox wants to purchase Nintendo and continues to size up PlayStation. Their goals are perhaps far more ambitious (and terrifying) than anyone could have expected. So, let's unpack it all. Much like the GeForce Now leak, this one will likely serve as a Bible of sorts to check back on when needing guidance to the next leak. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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