C2 - Grand Cemetery
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C2 Episode 6: With the survivors safely in High Hall, The group heads to the Grand Cemetery to search for the Duke and the artifact he was searching for. They discover the the source of the undead scourging the city.
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C2 Episode 10: The group begins travelling to the temple of the broken prince where an old, long dead enemy of Gwen exists. Arriving to the sounds of battle inside the temple they find it overrun with demons attempting to take control of the location. A sword in a crest reveals to its wielder the...
Published 08/28/21
C2 Episode 9: After settling affairs in the floating city of Avernus, the group glides down to the a mysterious Fort and meet the creatures that reside, a group of wild Mad Caps, a flaming skull, a Kenku driving team, a flesh golem and their leader Mad Maggie. With her help they uncover some of...
Published 08/06/21
C2 Episode 8: As the survivors begin the ritual to free Ulder Ravengard from the curse, a portal opens to prevent with demons pouring out. The group successfully stop the forces, and are granted with visons. The vision while broken and scattered leave more questions but shows a destination. To...
Published 07/15/21