C2 - Finding Ravengard
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C2 Episode 7: Meeting with Gideon, a corrupted priest, the group is able to persuade him to allow the group to search the source of the Demons. With the help of  Gideon's devil helper they explore the catacombs and discover a possessed Ulder Ravengard, stuck with a helmet on his head. Unable to free him they return to High Hall for the solution.
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C2 Episode 11: With a singular mission the cursed sword, Vilus Incarnatus, wants to be hilt deep in the Broken Prince nicknamed Kyle. The group searches through the temple to activate all the glyphs and open the inner chamber. They find Rio, Gwen's childhood bully, causing trouble.
Published 09/20/21
C2 Episode 10: The group begins travelling to the temple of the broken prince where an old, long dead enemy of Gwen exists. Arriving to the sounds of battle inside the temple they find it overrun with demons attempting to take control of the location. A sword in a crest reveals to its wielder the...
Published 08/28/21
C2 Episode 9: After settling affairs in the floating city of Avernus, the group glides down to the a mysterious Fort and meet the creatures that reside, a group of wild Mad Caps, a flaming skull, a Kenku driving team, a flesh golem and their leader Mad Maggie. With her help they uncover some of...
Published 08/06/21