David Stasavage on Early Democracy and its Decline
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This was not a phenomenon to one specific region. This was nothing that got invented in one place and at one time. It seems to have emerged independently in a wide, wide variety of human societies at different points in time. And to me, that sounds like something that occurs naturally. David Stasavage A full transcript is available at www.democracyparadox.com. David Stasavage is the Dean of Social Sciences and a Professor of Politics at New York University. His latest book is called The Decline and Rise of Democracy. Key Highlights Include A description of early democracy with an example of the Huron peopleWhy autocracy arose through the example of Ancient ChinaHow bureaucracy and the state changed governanceHow English history shaped modern democracyWhat modern democracy can learn from early forms of democracy Key Links The Decline and Rise of Democracy by David Stasavage Learn more about David Stasavage Follow David on Twitter @stasavage Related Content Daniel Carpenter Revisits the Petition in 19th Century America Michael Hughes on the History of Democracy in Germany More from the Podcast More Information Democracy Group Apes of the State created all Music Email the show at [email protected] Follow me on Twitter @DemParadox 100 Books on Democracy
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