1645 Dr. Edward Zuckerberg on P.gingivalis and Overall Health : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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Dr. Zuckerberg is a 1978 graduate of NYUCD and owned his own practices in Brooklyn and Dobbs Ferry, NY from 1979-2013 before moving to California. Dr.Z was an early tech adopter, placing his first PC in his home based office in 1986 and pioneering technologies such as intraoral cameras in the 80s, air abrasion, lasers and digital radiography in the 90s and created a paperless office and utilized CAD/CAM technology twenty years ago well before they were mainstream. His early adoption caught the eyes of industry leaders (like Dr. Farran) who enlisted him to write articles, lecture, beta test new technologies and advise startups in the oral health field.  Dr. Zuckerberg now acts as the Chief Dental Officer for Keystone Bio, an exciting biopharma company with a biologic to eradicate P.gingivalis, and he also acts as a Venture Partner for Revere Partners, the first Independent Venture Fund for Oral Health. He can be reached via his website at www.painlessdrz.com or his Facebook Page www.facebook.com/painlesssocialmedia Join the community on Dentaltown at https://www.dentaltown.com