One from the archives: Julius Roberts on how leaving London was the best decision he made
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Julius Roberts is a first generation millennial farmer and rising star of the food scene.  In 2016 he gave up working at the acclaimed restaurant Noble Rot in London - and swapped the rat race for an idyllic life of pigs, goats and chickens instead. His first foray into farming was a small-holding in rural Suffolk and then last year he moved with his family to a farm in Dorset.  His charm and humble approach to life on the farm have seen him amass an army of followers online as he shares the trials and tribulations of farm life alongside his menagerie of animals. Julius describes himself as a cook, farmer and gardener on a journey to self-sufficiency. Julius says his his aim is simple – "to educate his audience on topics including animal welfare and seasonal cooking". This was a lovely episode to record and I do hope you enjoy listening whether for the first time or again. Not long to go until our new season begins! See you soon, Margie Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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