A bunch of things about central banking and what we've learned about money.
Published 02/28/19
Accumen Management's Ken Veksler cynicism, FX trading phrases, the global economy and the Australian outlook 
Published 02/22/19
Westpact global head of market strategy shares his insights on the deteriorating outlook for the world economy, the US-China trade tensions, and the implications for Australia.
Published 02/16/19
AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver explains why he was the first economist at a major institution to start forecasting RBA rate cuts; plus we take a look at the deteriorating global growth outlook.
Published 02/09/19
ANZ senior economist Joanne Masters, VFS Group's James Whelan, and Laura Fitzsimmons, executive director, macro sales at J.P. Morgan, join Paul Colgan and David Scutt for the Devils and Details annual Christmas special looking back at the year in economics and markets, as well as some of the best and worst calls of the year.
Published 12/19/18
CBA senior economist Gareth Aird joins Paul and David to take a deep dive on GDP data and discuss the changing picture on interest rates for the RBA before getting into some of the problems with migration policy underpinning economic growth. Aird argues that some economists and policy makers focus too much on aggregate numbers rather than people's lived experience in the economy.
Published 12/09/18
The second part of our live show in Sydney on November 27. The first panel is on indicators, featuring Eleanor Creagh of Saxo, James Whelan of VFS Group, Cameron Kusher of CoreLogic, and Adam Smith COO at OFX. The second is the finale and features a wide-ranging discussion on the outlook with Bill Evans of Westpac, Jo Masters of ANZ, Stephen Koukoulas, Con Michalakis of Statewide, Laura Fitzsimmons of JP Morgan and Pete Wargent of Allen Wargent.
Published 12/07/18
Our live show in Sydney on November 27. The first panel is THE ALLOCATORS: James Whelan of VFS Group, Con Michalakis of Statewide, Laura Fitzsimmons of JP Morgan, and Eleanor Creagh of Saxo. Followed by PROPERTY EXPERTS: Pete Wargent of Allen Wargent, Joanne Masters of ANZ, Stephen Koukoulas, Cameron Kusher of CoreLogic.
Published 12/07/18
Young Australians have a detectable sympathy for socialism in surveys. Eugenie Joseph from the Centre for Independent Studies joins Paul and David to discuss why governments should be pro-markets rather than pro-business, and the proven but questionable success of capitalism over time.
Published 11/29/18
J.P. Morgan's Chief Economist and Head of Fixed Income and FX Strategy Sally Auld joins Paul and David to discuss the global equity sell-off, how it's affecting Australia, as well as the global macro picture and the outlook for the Australian dollar over the coming years. Plus we share some of our must-read books.
Published 11/23/18
CBA agri commodities strategist Tobin Gorey joins us to talk about the impact of US-China tensions on global trade, the impact of the strong US dollar, and the economics of the food on your plate.
Published 11/15/18
Regardless of your industry, there will be times you'll face crises and difficult decisions. Richard de Crespigny knows more than most about handling pressure. He was the captain on the ill-fated Qantas flight 32 that suffered a major engine failure in 2010. His new book, FLY, looks at the lessons from that day and what aviation generally can teach others about performing under pressure.
Published 11/12/18
Johnathan Tepper, economist and founder of Variant Perception, joins us to talk about his new book, 'The Myth of Capitalism', a detailed look at how advanced economies demonstrate little real competition in many industries, with implications for the economy, wage inflation, and even politics. Tepper also famously predicted a severe housing crash for Australia, and he updates us on his views now that house prices are declining.
Published 11/01/18
Su-Lin Ong, managing director and chief economist at RBC Capital Markets, joins us to talk about what’s driving the global equity sell-off and the likely impact of Labor policy on property prices and consumption outlook.
Published 10/25/18
Market Economics MD Stephen Koukoulas joins us to discuss accelerating house price declines, the RBA's challenge, stocks under pressure, the rise of private credit, as well as the improving budget outlook. We also talk about The Everest, the Pies, and the Wallabies. 
Published 10/16/18
This week we welcome Westpac’s Head of Macro Strategy David Goodman to talk spiking bond yields, stock market carnage, housing risks, and the looming fourth industrial revolution.
Published 10/11/18
Benjamin Griffiths’ $500 million small company fund returned over 30% last year. He joins us to talk banking risk, finding stocks to buy, the managers he supports, and what he gets out of Surf Livesaving at North Bondi in Sydney,
Published 10/04/18
Iain Stealey, managing director at JP Morgan Asset Management’s global fixed income group based in London, joins us to talk about the global bond market in the age of quantitative tightening – as well as Australian property, and rugby.
Published 09/25/18
ABC Bullion chief economist Jordan Eliseo joins us to talk about the GFC 10 years on, why gold has been under pressure, creaky cryptos and Australia’s domestic outlook
Published 09/13/18
VFS Group investment manager James Whelan joins us to discuss the global economy, Australia's domestic outlook amid weak capex, corporate risk attitudes and what the go is with the au pairs.
Published 08/30/18
Statewide Super chief investment officer Con Michalakis joins us to talk about the global picture, diversifying to manage risk, Canberra chaos, Australian property, and the rock we’re listening to.
Published 08/22/18
AMP Capital head of investment strategy and chief economist Shane Oliver joins us to talk through the problems for Turkey, the impact of a strong US dollar, and his views on the keys to successful investing over time – and some music. Produced by Pod Paste/Daren Lake.
Published 08/17/18
Former prime ministerial press secretary and Hawker Britton director Eamonn Fitzpatrick joins us to share insights on the politics of Australian populism, company tax, property prices – and how to run a better Instagram account.
Published 08/08/18
ANZ senior economist Joanne Masters reviews the latest consumer price index data, and we talk property prices, Sydney population, and hear about Jo’s work with the Women in Economics Network
Published 08/02/18