How to approach intuitive eating as an athlete? with Reilly Beatty
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 In this week's episode, Bonnie is joined by Reilly Beatty. Reilly is a Los Angeles based sports dietitian. She works as the Director of Sports Nutrition for UCLA and runs an online private practice specializing in female soccer players. Reilly is super passionate about changing the culture in athletics when it comes to body image and nutrition. When she isn't talking about nutrition or sports, Reilly likes to spend time with her husband, Robby, and two dogs Bo & Oge. They will touch on such topics as: Switching up the mindset approach to fueling How to deal with body image struggles as an athlete Why you need to fuel your body adequately Is it possible to be an intuitive eater and an athlete? Optimizing your nutrition during training Additional Resources: Connect with Reilly: IG: @reilly.beatty.rd Website: Freebie: - Intuitive Fueling Guide  Connect with Bonnie on Instagram: @diet.culture.rebel Looking to take the next step in becoming a Diet Culture Rebel? Apply for Small Group Coaching at If you want to hear more Diet Culture Rebel, be sure to subscribe and tune in for new episodes!
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