Are You a Dieter or Disordered Eater?
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In this week's episode, Bonnie goes solo to talk with you about the similarities between dieting & disordered eating so you can better understand the role dieting has played in your life & if it has impacted your own relationship with food. She will touch on topics such as: The similarities between dieting & disordered eating What disordered eating can look like  What to do if you suspect you struggle with disordered eating  Identifying whether dieting is helping, or hurting, your food freedom journey The importance of taking time to process your struggle. Today’s episode is brought to you by Memore. Diet Culture Rebel listeners will receive 30% off their whole food powders at checkout by going to Resources mentioned in this episode:  What’s Up With Your Food Obsession Quiz? Take it here.  Have questions you’d like Bonnie to answer on the podcast? Send them to [email protected]  Ready to eat without guilt? Apply to group coaching here.  Enjoy the Diet Culture Rebel Podcast? Leave an honest rating & review on Apple podcasts here. 
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