Dietitian Review Of 75 Hard!
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In this week's episode, Bonnie goes solo to talk with you about her Dietitian review of 75 hard, which markets itself as a mental toughness program... but is it really just that? Her intent in today’s episode is to help you spot out sneaky diet culture in our world today. Bonnie will touch on topics such as What is 75 hard?  How to identify if a program is restrictive  Importance of rest days How cheat meals increase the last-supper mentality around food What living healthy really means Assessing whether a program will help or hurt your relationship with food  Today’s episode is brought to you by Memore. Diet Culture Rebel listeners will receive 30% off their whole food powders at checkout by going to   Get on the Diet Culture Rebel newsletter here for more support during the upcoming holiday season.   Have questions you’d like Bonnie to answer on the podcast? Send them to [email protected]   Ready to eat without guilt? Apply to group coaching here.  Enjoy the Diet Culture Rebel Podcast? Leave an honest rating & review on Apple podcasts here. 
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