Is It Ethical To Suggest Weight Loss? Ft. Jessica Jones, MS, RD
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Sami and Aleen are joined by Jessica Jones, registered dietician and host of the Food Heaven podcast. They start with a reflection on how the social justice movement in 2020 impacted the health and wellness conversation, and why there still needs to be room to rest for hosts like Jess. Next, they talk about the lack of diverse body size in film and television (we’re looking at you The Bachelor) and why we’re often taught that weight loss equals health. Jess explains how she came to the conclusion that it’s not ethical to suggest weight loss to her clients. Plus, they talk about influencers going out of their way to emphasize their self-acceptance, even when it doesn’t reflect the reality for everyone. Finally, Jess explains how cooking can be a great tool for getting a handle on your food goals, and why it might be time to just add the butter back in.
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