This week, Morgan, Kody, and Libby discuss the vegan diet. Get in on some talk about their thoughts, some misconceptions, and controversy around this popular diet. 
Published 03/11/21
Today we are joined by our old classmate Colin for a great discussion on fueling for sport, and what it’s like to work as a dietitian in collegiate athletics.
Published 03/04/21
This week, Morgan, Kody and Libby address safe, sustainable weight loss--fad diet not included.
Published 02/25/21
Published 02/18/21
Welcome back to the Jungle! In this episode we chat about the all things probiotics, fiber, and the far-reaching, mysterious involvements of the human gut-microbiome. 
Published 02/12/21
In this episode, Kody, Morgan and Libby discuss the good, the bad, and the hangry of Intermittent Fasting. 
Published 02/04/21
This week we answer your questions + do what we love most: busting nutrition myths! Featuring fats, alkaline diets, nighttime snacking, and of course, carbs
Published 11/20/20
This week we delve into “plant-based” diets, including popular meat alternatives. Are these healthier than real meat? Should you eat “plant-based?” Grab a drink and listen to find out more!
Published 11/12/20
This week we discuss INTUITIVE EATING. We’ll take you through the original 10 principles of this eating approach and talk pros and cons.
Published 11/05/20
In this week’s special IN-PERSON episode, we discuss our own outlooks on exercise/physical activity. For three Dietitians, you may be surprised what you hear!
Published 10/22/20
This week we tackle the Health At Every Size movement. We talk pros and cons, weigh the evidence, and explore the broader context of the movement.
Published 10/15/20
This week we review some popular fad diets. Listen to the end for an evidence-based alternative to fad diets for health, longevity, and yes, even weight-loss.
Published 09/30/20
Model, personal stylist, fashion designer, and advocate @the_beccajae shares her inspiring perspective on loving the skin you’re in.
Published 09/23/20
What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist? Join the gang this week for the low-down on the crazy world of nutrition advice, and why you should always find an evidence-based practitioner with credentials that mean something.
Published 09/16/20
In episode 3, Kody, Libby, and Morgan discuss pop culture’s obsession with supplements. It seems there’s an elixir to help any ailment nowadays. But from an evidence-based standpoint, when are dietary supplements necessary? And are they really harmless? Hear the unfiltered thoughts of 3 practicing Registered Dietitians!
Published 09/09/20
Join Libby, Morgan, and Kody this week for an open and honest discussion on BODY IMAGE. There’s no denying that our society is more physique-obsessed than ever in the social media age. But what does being thin, muscular, fat, or something in-between reveal about your health and nutrition status?
Published 09/01/20
Dietitians Morgan, Libby, and Kody kick off the series by introducing themselves and talking about their nutrition philosophies
Published 08/23/20
Published 08/23/20