Episode 1 - Wrong Number
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Aditya and Aditi - They have similar names but different destinies. Not all love stories have a happy ending and Aditya and Aditi's story was one of them. Aditya lived a lifetime longing for Aditi's love. What went wrong in their love story? Will they ever be together? Or fate has offered both of them loneliness? Listen to Dil Main Ho Tum to find out only on PocketFM
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Aditi lives with her parents & Aunty. One side where her parents were happy with their love marriage and on the other side her aunty totally suffered by doing love marriage and got divorced therefore she has trust issues. Once Aditi checked Aaditya's last seen it was a day ago so she got...
Published 12/25/20
Now Aaditya was trying to see her even in dreams trying to find out how is she? Aditi saw a very strange thing that her teacher and her classmate Megha were in the washroom. Aaditya called Aditi to tell her that he will be busy the whole week cause his parents moved to the city but somehow he...
Published 12/25/20