Episode 235: Bloodbath - Discography Discussion
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Most of the time a super group is not the sum of its different parts.  Is it possible that Bloodbath is an exception to this rule?  Swedish death metal supergroup Bloodbath has seemingly carved out a unique sound despite all being members of very different sounding bands.  On this episode of Discography Discussion Dan and Joe try to decide if Bloodbath is a gimmick or if they are the real deal. Enjoy! #discussmetal #bloodbath Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - http://bit.ly/discussmetalpatreon Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - http://bit.ly/DiscographyDiscussion Subscribe to RSS - https://podcast.discussmetal.com/feed Buy a Shirt on Teespring! - http://bit.ly/DDTeeSpring Join the conversation on Discord - http://bit.ly/discussmetalDiscord Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Discographydiscussion Twitter - https://twitter.com/discussmetal Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/discussmetal Listen to Discography Discussion on Spotify - http://bit.ly/discussmetalspotify Discography Discussion on Apple Podcasts/iTunes - http://bit.ly/discussmetalitunes Discography Discussion on Google Play - http://bit.ly/discussmetalgoogleplay Listen on Stitcher - http://bit.ly/discussmetalstitcher Listen on iHeartRadio - http://bit.ly/DDiHeartRadio Watch/Listen on Youtube - http://bit.ly/discussmetalyoutube Listen on TuneIn - http://bit.ly/discussmetaltunein Questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Submit a band request Here - http://bit.ly/DDBandSuggestions Email: [email protected] www.discussmetal.com Album of the week Dan - Listener “Return To Struggleville”  Joe - Between The Buried And Me “Colors” Episode 231: Morbid Angel with Scott Mellinger of Zao - https://bit.ly/DDPodcast231 Episode 057: Paramaecium with Stephen Sarro of Unteachers - https://bit.ly/DDPodcast057 Patreon Review 167: Lengsel - https://www.patreon.com/posts/54119918
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