It's a choice. Life is not hard and things don't need to be difficult! Blogpost here: https://discoveryourfemininepower.com/the-day-i-decided-things-to-be-easy/
Published 10/24/20
When you give from the heart, you keep the money flow afloat.. When we say no to o gifts, we tell the universe that we are not worthy of anything. Do you like gifts? And do you like giving a gift? Blogpost:https://discoveryourfemininepower.com/21-day-giving-challenge/
Published 10/20/20
Guided visualisation for creating your financial future. This episode is part of the "Love your money , love yourself" course which you can find on my homepage. Www.discoveryourfemininepower.com
Published 10/06/20
Short meditation to remind us that what we think of is becoming real soon.
Published 04/28/20
Published 04/28/20
In times like now, we loose our cool easily. This meditation will help you to elevate your frequency.
Published 03/23/20
In times like now, we loose our cool easily. This meditation will help you to elevate your frequency.
Published 03/23/20
Book summary spoken by Tanja
Published 01/25/20
You are significant in your life. You are the most important person in your life. You matter!
Published 10/11/19
Root Chakra, grounding, connecting to earth, stability, financial abundance, security
Published 10/11/19
Increase your feeling of worthiness and selflove. You are one in a million.
Published 09/24/19
Our limiting beleifs often say that money can only come from hard work. But that is nonsense. It is as hard as we think it is. With this new episode you can reprogram your mind and make money much more easily in the future
Published 08/21/19
I believe in you. I know you can do this. You are creating this . You are the creator of this. You will be successful
Published 06/07/19
A meditation. Let things be easy and allow yourself to be carried and guided through life.
Published 05/02/19
Say thanks every day. This is an example. The grandfather for all personal development coaches is gratitude. Thank you.
Published 04/23/19
The universe takes care of me, loves me unconditionally, moves me up. I m guided and fully supported.
Published 04/22/19
Suggested mantra by Jen Sincero author of "You are a badass at making money"
Published 04/20/19
Your work is extremely valuable. Your skills are extremely valuable. Your work is so important and you receive massive compensation.
Published 04/17/19
I am allowed to earn any amount of money I want. I'm allowed and worthy of any amount I set the price to. I am allowed to charge any price I want and to receive what I want!
Published 03/12/19
Allow yourself to lead the life in a positive way. Allow yourself to live a good abd happy way. Allow yourswlf to follow your dreams and desires and create the hsppy life you want
Published 03/12/19
I am guided, carried, safe, held. The universe takes care of me
Published 02/07/19
Follow me on a journey to receiving, feel the grounding, feel how you deserve whatever you want and get. Accept gifts because you deserve them.
Published 01/09/19
Looking for a job this episode helps you to get into the feeling of already having it, signing the contract, walking off with it.
Published 01/02/19
I love receiving, saving and spending money with ease. I love paying people who support me. I am about to receive more money than I could ever imagine.
Published 12/26/18
The universe always gives me what I want.
Published 12/25/18