While Harold barrels into the pool off the diving board, Mia ventures into the deep end with a kickboard. But is she in over her head?
Published 09/28/22
Published 09/28/22
It's swim lesson time again at the camp pool. Mia's got a sinking feeling in her stomach. Genet sets out to help Mia start floating.
Published 09/21/22
To many people, swimming seems easy. Not to Mia! She's tired of sitting poolside, though—will she finally take the plunge?
Published 09/14/22
Producer Steve shares another round of bloopers from exclusive Club programs—some from Jake's Take, some from a new show featuring a certain ranger...
Published 09/07/22
The incomparable Jeanette Jones throws her hat in the ring—not literally, of course—and joins the game to test her knowledge on the book of Daniel.
Published 08/31/22
After Daniel overeats at lunch, Pastor Peabody and Coach Mabel share some advice learned from their past health struggles.
Published 08/24/22
Delicious food is piled high at church potluck, and Daniel isn't one to hold back. Regret sets in with a post-meal soccer game.
Published 08/17/22
Our 4th Q&A has us laughing and reflecting on past mistakes, continuity flaws, future teen roles, and the benefits and challenges of remote recording.
Published 08/10/22
Is Joyce fired for good? Did the secret notes work? The campers have been practicing their David and Jonathan drama in faith that a better day dawns.
Published 08/03/22
Published 07/27/22
Camp morale is wilting under Major Ruhder's oppressive changes. Can Joyce talk some sense into him?
Published 07/20/22
As more changes loom over the camp, Hugo's daredevil self leads Harold into delinquent territory and causes mayhem at the archery range.
Published 07/13/22
A summer of faith and fun? Definitely not Major Ruhder's idea of a proper camp. Troublemaker Hugo's also not a fan, though for very different reasons.
Published 07/06/22
Major changes in leadership are coming to Discovery Mountain Camp. But will the camp experience be any different? Everyone has their own hopes.
Published 06/29/22
How did Ruben become the voice of Jake? Will Jake and Natasha get married? Would we ever do the show in a different language? More Q's and A's today!
Published 06/22/22
It's Judge Barber on the hot seat as Peabody quizzes him on the story of Nehemiah. (Should be familiar territory!) Test your own memory as they play.
Published 06/15/22
Miracles seem to be everywhere in the Bible, but what about today? Hugo and Umi find something extraordinary during an ordinary after-school hangout.
Published 06/08/22
A roadblock threatens to stall a father-son adventure for Officer Lewis and Logan. But a barrier can be a blessing—as the biblical Balaam learned.
Published 06/01/22
How does Pastor Jason Levy, a man of the faith, find it so easy to play Officer Lewis, a man of the law? Find out in this behind-the-scenes interview.
Published 05/25/22
Can Jake keep a secret? Everyone's hoping so as they count down the hours to the big surprise... Time to show Mr. Simon the true impact of his faith!
Published 05/18/22
Bedtime stories are extra special in Discovery Mountain! Grab your popcorn for this tale of sorrow, promises, and faith that transcends generations.
Published 05/11/22
Judah's at college and has his whole future ahead of him—and his mother can't help but worry. What if he forgets his spiritual roots?
Published 05/04/22
Haddie shares her secret plans for Mr. Simon. Mr. Garcia shares the inspiring story behind Ellie's Peak with Hugo while they hike up its slopes.
Published 04/27/22
Jake and "DIS-AS-TER" seem to go hand in hand! During the latest crisis, though, his friends have to agree: Jake's plucky spirit always shines through.
Published 04/20/22