Bonus Episode: Infamous Pop Star Parents and Justin Bieber
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Jake is back from his trip to Rhode Island and he's recommending some more music, including a Taylor Swift song or two. But first, we're talking Justin Bieber, parents of pop stars, and more. Let Jake know what your top 3 Disgraceland episodes are at 617-906-6638 or on socials @disgracelandpod and come join the After Party. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 10/04/23
In part two of the Tupac Shakur story, we see the young star trying to deal with life behind bars and giving in to the patronage of the notorious Suge Knight of Death Row Records while getting into the mud with the Notorious B.I.G. in a deadly game of East Coast West Coast beef. We also get a...
Published 10/04/23
Tupac Shakur was many things. He was a supremely talented MC and was wildly charismatic in front of the camera. He was also violent, angry and completely unable to keep himself out of trouble. Part one of his story traces his rise through the radical influence of his Black Panther lineage, the...
Published 10/04/23