Jeff Buckley: Dreaming of Music, Drowning, and Eternal Life
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Jeff Buckley released his only studio album, Grace, at the height of grunge rock. But it didn’t sound like grunge. It sounded like nothing else out there. It defied categorization. It was full of originals and covers, some complex and cerebral, others straight-up pop. From the pissed-off punk takes to the Eastern-influenced meditations, the constant was Jeff’s voice. A voice unlike any other. A voice that could do anything. A voice that was singing out loud on May 29, 1997, when Jeff Buckley, just 30 years old, waded into the Wolf River in Memphis…and never came back. For a full list of contributors, see the show notes at This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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