Bruce Lee: Fists of Fury, the Death Touch, Murder Suspect #1, and Hollywood’s Ultimate Outsider
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Wu-Tang Clan were inspired by more than just other musicians. They were kung fu film fanatics, and they used the mythology of countless movies to build their own world. Like the films of Bruce Lee, whose classic kung fu epic Enter the Dragon is baked into Wu-Tang's first album title. In this archive episode from BADLANDS, Jake Brennan's other show about the intersection of entertainers and true crime, hear all about how Bruce Lee got into so much trouble as a kid in Hong Kong that his parents banished him to the place of his birth: America. There he found all kinds of new trouble to get into. He upset kung fu traditionalists with his revolutionary style of fighting. He challenged long-held perceptions in racist Hollywood. He was an outsider determined to change the system the hard way – but did bringing about change cost Bruce Lee his life? To see the full list of contributors, see the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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