Mike's Trip to Disney World!
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Mike was recently a guest on the Be Our Guest Podcast. Check out that show for all of your Disney World trip planning needs! For more about our show, visit Disney1x1.com, and check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Disney1x1.
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Chris Layer joins Mike and David for a November 2020 update. We talk about the Disney movie that was supposed to come out this week, as well as what we've been up to over the last 9 months. Enjoy! Here's Mike's video "Another Day of Masks": https://youtu.be/QXGsBRUOwtM The Hamilton lip sync video...
Published 11/24/20
Mike & David reveal their final Top 10 lists... but not before welcoming on two special guests to help wrap up 60+ episodes of Disney One-by-One. Thanks to all of our listeners and guests over the last 58 weeks. It's been a joy. For more about the show, visit Disney1x1.com, and check us out...
Published 02/05/20
Published 02/05/20