EP: 028 - Food Freedom Challenge Day 3 - Trusting Yourself
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Ditch Decade Diets Academy is now OPEN for enrollment! This is my signature 12 week coaching program to help you improve your relationship with food & end the diet binge cycle. We start July 5th! Apply & schedule your free discovery call HERE to see if this is a great fit! In this episode: -Why you don't trust yourself -Looking to your past & seeing evidence for all the times you "failed" -Your body holds the truth -The difference between rules & commitments -Creating evidence for why you can trust yourself -2 things needed to trust yourself more
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In this episode, I chat about principle 3 & 4 of intuitive eating - Making Peace With Food & Challenging The Food Police -Fear foods -Releasing stories & associations to food -Permission to eat all foods -Dismissing the voice inside your mind (the food police) JOIN THE FOOD FREEDOM...
Published 07/27/21
Heyyya! Welcome back! In this episode, I chat about the first 2 principles of intuitive eating - Rejecting the diet mentality & honouring your hunger. -Why it's so hard to reject the diet mentality -Getting angry at the billion dollar diet industry -Seeing evidence for why diet's NEVER work...
Published 07/22/21
Hello laides! Welcome back to the podcast! Today's episode is all about intuitive eating & more specifically how to transition from obsessively tracking calories to eating intuitively. -What intuitive eating is -My experience with intuitive eating -The fear of weight gain & spiralling...
Published 07/20/21