Own Your Entrepreneurship Journey
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Queen, today's episode is a reminder to own your entrepreneurship journey. So, if you need some motivation, tune in now!
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When does this world ever ask a woman what she wants? We’re constantly living our lives in service to others, being at our highest contribution, forgetting that we too have needs. That ends now. This is the new age of feminine leadership where women are prioritizing feminine values and getting...
Published 08/05/21
After 10 years of waiting to receive my Italian passport, the day finally came! Which made me reflect on my own family heritage, the many moments that had to take place, and challenges that had to be overcome to bring me here, where I am today. It’s humbling to see how wildly supported we are...
Published 08/03/21
There are two ways to manifest, either with masculine energy or with feminine energy. While both are effective, masucline manifesting requires massive action whereas the feminine is about flow and creating space for the miraculous. In this episode, we talk about healing the Injured Feminine...
Published 07/29/21