Finding Happiness with Mrs. Hilfiger
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This week Caroline is joined by dear friend, the timeless and talented Dee Hilfiger.  Dee joins Caroline to tell her own divorce story, how she was newly married yet deeply unhappy and needed to find her own self happiness again, she did just that.. then also found Tommy 3 years on from her divorce. Dee and Caroline talk about how you know your marriage is over and taking those steps even sometimes against family members advice and where to go from there. Visit and enter code NOTDEAD20 to enjoy 20% off selected products Visit to get a great deal Produced by Dear Media
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This week Caroline is super excited to have Psychic and Medium Colby Rebel join her on Divorced not Dead to see what her future holds.  Having had a tough few years personally Caroline opens up about some challenging times she’s encountered which are on the brink of coming to close .. but will it...
Published 09/22/21
This week our very special guest is someone who has an amazing applaudable story .. from nothing to everything!… Self-made Billionaire Loren Ridinger joins us to talk about all things drive, ambition and focus, this inspirational woman doesn’t take NO for an answer and always wants more. Loren’s...
Published 09/15/21
This week on Divorced not Dead podcast my special guest is the powerhouse that is Patti Stanger.  This episode we find out all about what it’s really like to be part of a dating show and be the incredible matchmaker who sets everyone up. Caroline asks Patti how to find your perfect match and how...
Published 09/08/21