20 Years of Python - Brett Cannon
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Brett is a Python Core Contributor and leads the Python/VS Code team at Microsoft. We discuss his twenty years of open-source Python work, how to get involved today, the future of packaging, virtual environments, the standard library, VSCode, and more.
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Adam is a prolific figure in the Django community and the author of a new book, Boost Your Git DX. We discuss the latest Django 5.0 alpha release, how to use aliases, managing third-party packages, and a plethora of tips and tricks with Git to improve your developer workflow.
Published 09/20/23
Published 09/20/23
David is an accountant who has contributed massively to Django in recent years, taking over django-crispy-forms, improving djangobench, and becoming a member of Django’s Triage and Review team.
Published 08/16/23