The Songs of Peter Pan
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YOU CAN FLY!   It's time for us to return to our rundown of every single Walt Disney Animation Studios movies; this time we are talking Peter Pan. There's so many songs(?) in this one, here goes: "The Second Star to the Right", "You Can Fly!", "A Pirate's Life (Is a Wonderful Life)", "Following the Leader", "What Made the Red Man Red?", "Your Mother and Mine" and finally "The Elegant Captain Hook". Ben starts the Hunger Games, Dietrich kicks off the many Eurovision references (WOO! 2nd place!) and Alex is just all about Phil Collins. Follow us on Twitter: @TSFTMpod Crickety like, share and subscribe crockety. Please consider leaving us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes or Spotify. It means a great deal to us and makes it easier for other potential listeners to find us: Apple Podcasts Want to support us further? You can do this on Patreon from £1 ($1.50) a month: or via our merch store: Thank you! Timestamps: 00:03:11 - What Have We Been Watching (New Jingle!) 00:06:49 - History 00:09:35 - Movie Discussion 00:16:09 - Production Issues 00:18:35 - Critical Reception 00:20:13 - "The Second Star to the Right" Discussion 00:24:38 - "You Can Fly!" Discussion 00:28:46 - "A Pirate's Life (Is a Wonderful Life)" Discussion 00:33:20 - "Following the Leader" Discussion 00:36:42 - "What Made the Red Man Red?" Discussion 00:43:37 - "Your Mother and Mine" Discussion 00:48:51 - "The Elegant Captain Hook" Discussion 00:52:07 - Top 5
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